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Complete Roofing Services Including:


Building a new home or commercial property and need a quality roofing professional? Look no further than A&A Roofing. We handle the job from start to finish using your job specifications - and even clean up when we are done. Our experienced roofing professionals do things right the first time so you can enjoy your new roof for year to come.


A&A Roofing specializes in low slope roofing systems for multi-family commercial buildings (duplex, retirement residence, apartments,etc.). From repair to installation to full replacement – our roofing team will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. With years of experience serving the Evansville, IN and Tri-State, we have earned an excellent reputation among business owners in the commercial and industrial space. We are dedicated and focused to get the job done with superior standards at an affordable rate.


Re-roofing is the process of layering one set of new shingles over a set of existing shingles. This process can only be done once, so if you already have two layers of roofing in place, this option is not for you. What makes us different than the local competitor is we stay organized, clean, and make it look like we have never been to your residence.


Tear offs is the process of tearing off the existing roof entirely. Tear-offs help visually inspect the shingles and the area underneath to make sure there are no potential future issues. This process does take longer than Re-roofing, however it helps get rid of existing or future problems. A roof replacement involves tearing off everything that is on the roof down to the deck, then putting on new felt paper and shingles. This process has to be done when there is no rain for a day, so that we stay efficient and it is done correctly.


An exterior roof inspection involves climbing up on the roof and checking for leaks and proper flashing, as well as the condition of the shingles.